Frequently Asked Questions

1. I been Divorced for years. Do I have to be going through a Separation or Divorce to join your group.

I have designed the group to help anyone that is interested in personal growth and learning new things.

2. I don’t really want to join the membership program. Can I still be a member of your group?

Yes, you can join the meetup group (Friends Date Night) and attend local events. It’s FREE to join.

3. If I’m a member of the meetup group ( Friends Date Night) but can’t make all the events will I be removed from the group.

No, but I would like to see you from time to time.

4. If I join your meetup group (Friends Date Night) will I still be able to attend the VIP events.

Prior to January 2019 all meetup members who are invited to my VIP events will have to be registered on my personal website to be given an invitation. As of January 2019 only if you are a member of my Online Membership Group you will be eligible to be added to the VIP list.

5. There are other FREE support groups available. Why would I pay to join your group?

Your absolutely right! There is a lot of groups that are available but I offer more than other groups. I am with you every step of the way. I am your Coach, I offer you tools to help you get your life back and I’m your Event Planner, I offer you events to help you meet friends, build relationships and so much more. My prices are very affordable and there is no other services in the community that provide what I offer.

6. I never been married or have kids can I still join your group.

Of course you can! Everyone is welcome. There is a lot of great benefits when you belong to a group.

7. Can I cancel my membership at any time or leave the meetup group.

Yes, there is no obligation. I only ask if you advise me 14 days prior to cancelling and you are welcome to rejoin at a later date if you choose to come back.

8. I don’t have computer experience and not sure how to long into the websites, or how to use zoom.

Don’t worry there are others who are experiencing similar circumstances. You can attend my monthly coffee night for a basic training or I can email you the links to log into the sites. I will help you so you don’t feel left out.

9. Will I get a refunded if I don’t attend a support group or monthly workshop for one of the months.

Sorry NO, Your membership is per month whether you use the service or not. It’s similar to a gym membership. If you choose to cancel your membership you will no longer be able to access your private portal account.

10. If I move away and can’t attend local events do I have to cancel my membership?

No, you can register for just the Online Program and still attend the Monthly Support Group and Workshop. The cost will reduce (check website for details)..

11. If I only want to attend the meetup events do I have to pay for the membership?

No, you can be a part of the meetup group (Friends Date Night) and attend regular meetup events.

12. What if I meet someone in the group and have a relationship do I have to leave the group.

NO, once you are a member you are welcome to stay as long as you want. However, keep in mind it is not a dating service. If you choose to connect with someone in the group you are solely responsible of that relationship. I do not take responsibility if you choose to date someone and it doesn’t work out.

I welcome all of you and look forward to building a great community and friendships.

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