Personal Coach

Is about changing helping you through life struggles, being focused on your goals and get results.

If you are struggling and have no direction in your life. Are you are trying to keep things together and it looks like your life is going well but you’re dealing with emotional breakdown, feelings of discontent, disappointment, unhappiness and unworthiness?

You have tried to keep it together, pretending to create the “perfect” life and yet you’re not happy and you don’t know how to change it. You feel like a failure and are struggling to figure out what to do to change your life.

Having a Personal Coach is a partnership offering deep insight and practical tools for change, growth, and understanding to achieve the results you want in your life.

It is possible to create a happier life. I can help you get there.

You can make peace with your past, you can learn to feel confident again, to trust and believe in yourself, be responsible for your new life.

       Take Charge

If you’re a person who is ready to put in the time and effort it takes
to work on yourself and deal with your past issues so you can start a next chapter in your life . . .



“Life Survival Kit” is a set of tools to work on your personal growth:

Are you a type of person who continues to overthink everything, feel stuck and can find how to get unstuck. Are you always procrastinating waiting for the last minute to make changes. You have no energy or feeling frozen to move forward.

This program: This program will guide you to gain internal peace, get direction and gain clarity in your life. Each session is designed to help you rediscover that person inside that you need to let out.

Work Exercises – are included to help discover your inner personal and emotional side. Deal with issues or your past to learn to let go and discover the new you. Now is the time to recharge your life and create a vision of your future.

I had a lot of things in my life I had to deal with like physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse and including sexual abuse. People look at me today and don’t believe that I was able to work on myself and put the past in the past.

Keven Hart has an amazing Tik Tok video on letting go anger and choose to live a positive life.  He to dealt with a lot of childhood trauma but he learned to work through his past issues and choose to be positive.



Let’s Get Started!

You are #1. In order to accomplish this goal, you must make time for yourself, and focus on specific areas of your life that you need to make changes on. This starts with your personal development and health, which is when having a Personal Coach comes into practice to help you set your goals and be accountable.

Throughout the coaching program you will find yourself growing and expanding in ways you never thought possible. When we are done you will be able to spread your wings and fly like a butterfly.


You are capable of becoming
the person you want to be
and creating the life you want!

Imagine your life with . . .

peace, certainty, confidence, being empowered,

and living your purpose that life offers.


Take Action