"Divorce Prevention"

Are You Ready to Give Up?

Is your marriage failing, you're always arguing, can't be in the same room, no communication, lack of intimacy, and Frustrated?

I know the problems your facing. As an experience Divorce Coach, I can guide you in the right direction to prevent you from a marriage breakup.

Let's work together to save your marriage before it's to late.

The cost of a divorce and the mental breakdown that you will experience.

This course is for you and to save your marriage...

Here's What We'll Cover...

  • Discovering Your Personal Needs
  • How to be a True Partner for Life
  • Taking Ownership
  • How important it is Financial Stability is for Couples
  • Communication and Listening Effectively is the Sole of a Relationship
  • Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving
  • Parent Strategies
  • Getting Sexy Back

Here's What You'll Get...

  • This course contains 8 (week) 2-hour PowerPoint presentation
  • online Coaching on Zoom
  • Work exercises

This course will get your marriage back on track, create a relationship as husband and wife. Create a respectful relationship with love and effective communication. You once were in love and made a vow to be there in good times and bad. Make the investment and bring back the honeymoon stage.

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Here's How it Works ...

  • Book a FREE Consultation to discuss the details of your marital problems
  • Submit your payment
  • Book 8-week session on your calendar
  • Coaching sessions begin

Coaching Online with Zoom

I coach my clients online through zoom that offers a free service in order to meet individuals' various needs, accommodate busy schedules, put on your comfy clothes make a cup of tea. I coach clients across Canada and the United States.

Coaching online allows for flexible meeting times and addressing immediate short questions or concerns, longer discussions (up to 2 hours) when needed.