Divorce Support Group

Online Session- 2 sessions/month

Support groups are a structured and safe place to connect with other people who open up and want to share their experiences. A place where there not feeling alone and that someone else is going through similar experiences. It offers growth, healing and sense of connection. All discussions are personal and confidential.

This Program is For You If...

  • You're feeling stressed, confused
  • You're feeling depressed all the time
  • You feel you're the only one dealing with a Divorce
  • You need someone to talk to or a sounding board

Here's What We'll Cover...

Discussions on - Separation & Divorce, dealing with parents going through divorce, Stress, building confidence, dating, making friends and so much more...

How It Works -

  • Contact me for a FREE consultation to discuss details
  • Payment for 2 session per month will be required
  • An email will be sent to you on how to log into ZOOM and add to your calendar
  • Discussion and open forum for all members
  • Depending on the discussion work exercises or homework can be assigned

As a group we will work on offering experiences, problem solving, input to support that person's situation.

DISCUSSION -"My Current Situation is ........"

ACTION+ SUPPORT GROUP is people supporting people and hearing real life stories and or situations.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS - accountability, making friends, coping skills, stress release, and so much more.

Please Note this is not considered therapy for personal health situations please contact your physician.

Here's What You'll Get...

  • Online support group 2 x a month (online-zoom)
  • Email will be sent to you with zoom link prior to session
  • One (1) weekly email (to discuss your personal concerns)
  • Work exercises if applicable

Coaching Online with Zoom

  • I coach my clients online through zoom that offers a free service in order to meet individuals' various needs, accommodate busy schedules, put on your comfy clothes make a cup of tea. I coach clients across Canada and the United States.
  • Online Meetings saves time, cost for travelling and no travelling in bad weather.

Why Join a Support Group?

With my past experiences in leading several courses and workshops I always had clients tell me they would like to continue to meet every week. They needed support after the course this is why I want to run a support group.

I don't look at life as a journey but rather life experiences and to learn from them. I have been through a lot of life experiences from good, bad and ugly. I feel if you stay stuck and let your emotions take over you will never move forward. It comes a time in your life that you need to take responsibility and not blame others or your past from preventing you from moving forward and create a happy life.

Support Groups help people get the ah ha moment and realize they are not struggling through life experiences alone. It helps people make changes, so they feel better about the situation in their lives.

Another benefit of being in a support group is realizing that even though people have different issues and cope in varied ways, we all have similar struggles in our life. We can also learn that conflict is a part of being in relationship and can always be worked through with communication and problem solving.

A group can become a "family" that offers support that your own families can't provide. It can offer experiences that impacts us emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

I encourage you to join me and create a new experience!