Why Hire a Coach

A coach won't do the work for you, but I’m here to help you move forward in your life.

A coach can be a confidant. You can tell me all about your personal life that you can’t tell your friend, family or co-workers. I am there not to judge you. I understand what you’re going through.

A coach can help you see your blind spots. Sometimes you can’t see the critical situations that arise in your life. I help you solve problems and create a view or awareness.

A coach can provide objective feedback. Other people may have opinions but I’ here for your best interests in mind in providing feedback.

A coach provides another set of eyes. I help you create a vision of your future.

A coach can keep you accountable. I will help you take on more responsibility by having you report weekly on your accomplishments and initiatives. I will keep you accountable for your actions.

A coach can be a sounding board. I am here to listen to all the things that are upsetting you and talk about what is bothering you.

A coach can be another source of creative ideas. You can brainstorm and discuss new ideas, behaviors and mental processes as I provide you with a safe place to experiment.

A coach can help you create you a plan. I can assist you in developing your plans for success based on your values, personal strengths, background and assets.

A coach can help celebrate your successes and be a source of strength when you fail. I am here to be supportive and positive source of energy.

A coach can help you process life. I’m here to help you build a foundation for your future and make positive changes in your life.