Post-Divorce Tool Kit

This work-at-your-own-pace booklet is designed to provide you with the tools to help the process of a Post-Divorce. This process will help you make sound decisions, create a clear vision and awareness in preparing your future

After working through this process, will help you during the upcoming months:

  • make sound decisions
  • create a clearer vision and awareness in your future
  • deeper awareness of your own feelings and needs during the most difficult time of your life

Is the book designed for Couples or Individuals?

Ideally, going through a Divorce works best when both parties use the Post-Divorce Tool Kit together. But sometime your ex might not want to and that's OK. The material in this course is designed to empower the individual towards a more productive process and a develop personal success.

I have a good Lawyer do I still need the Post-Divorce Tool Kit?

Lawyers can handle the legal stuff, but if you have all your information gathered prior to the meeting it could help you save some money on your attorney fees.

Not sure if you can do it alone. No worries! I offer a One on One Personal Coaching and an online PowerPoint presentation to help you throughout the process.

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