Rebuilding Your Life

Don't Give Up! / There is Life After a Divorce

If you gone through a breakup or going through a divorce or feeling stuck, this course is for you. I know what you’re feeling, I been there. Feeling like your whole life is going to fall apart. Your Scared, emotional, feeling alone, no one understands what your going through, everyone keeps telling you to leave and move on…..

It will help you gain clarity, build relationships, create a foundation in getting back their life.

I’m here to help you rebuild your life.

This course offers the tools to help you get through the grieving process, problem solving, effective communication, personal strength, build your confidence, build a business relationship with your ex-partner and tips on single parenting.

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Having gone through a divorce and know the struggles and pain you face. With my experience, knowledge and coaching skills I can help you achieve your goals and GAIN RESULTS.

What's Covered

  • 6 session’s
  • 2-hour hours PowerPoint presentation
  • 1 session will include an open forum
  • work exercises

Here’s How it Works:

  • Book a FREE Consultation – to discuss details and register on zoom
  • Full Payment will be required prior to startup date
  • Book 6 weekly sessions in the calendar
  • Sessions begin

Why should I take this course?

  • make positive changes
  • unstuck
  • offer clarity
  • help you move forward
  • feel confidant
  • put the pieces together
  • You will be making a lifestyle change
  • It is your best interest to get prepared for your new life

What are the benefits of taking this course?

  • Create a new life and vision for your future
  • Get your MOJO Back
  • Feel independent
  • Eliminate stress
  • Build your confidence
  • Create Clarity
  • Help you build a foundation for your future and your children's future
  • Being prepared with the right information will eliminate stress and help you move forward with your life

Will I receive ongoing support after the course is completed?

  • Yes, I offer ongoing SUPPORT GROUP