What People Are Saying

A butterfly represents - Endurance, Change, Hope, and Life

"A butterfly represents - Endurance, Change, Hope, and Life
I am committed to Educate, Motivate and Create an Emotional Transformation in your life."

  • Thank you for your time and energy Patricia. These evenings provide not only a great chance for learning, a chance to meet new people, but also a chance to get away from the things we do in our everyday lives. It not only is fun, but informative, through the information you provide and the thoughts we share together. GO GIRL!


  • Excellent concept and activity. The chance to learn something new is great, and then to discuss what you learned and then discuss how it affects your life is an added bonus.


  • My experience with Patricia has been invaluable! As a seasoned coach, she has provided me with the right emotional tools and advice that has helped me gain awareness and understand to my problem that no other coach was able to do for me! I am very grateful for having learned from you, Patricia. Thank you!

    Testimonial Client Coaching Session

  • Thank you again for helping me with my application, it was such a relief to have that part done and fingers crossed it’s all good. You went above and beyond what you had to do for a complete stranger And you will never know how much I appreciate that gesture, I can see how many young women you will be helping and how much better their lives will be after meeting you!!


  • Thank-you Patricia for a very informative, fun, relaxing and being our coach to help us make changes in our personal growth. Your goal to have these workshops will not only result in a personal rewarding satisfaction on your behalf but as well you will lead a path to help us find ourselves so that we may have good health,happiness and peace.


  • Met some wonderful people and had a great time . Patricia is an amazing person and hostess. She is so friendly and warm and makes everyone feel welcome


  • Patricia I would like to thank you for all that I've learned from your course and appreciate your support. I know at first it was hard for me because I was carrying a lot of anger, but you were patient with me and day be day I was able to open up. It's still hard because the relationship that I have with y children was damaged and it's a process to repair. I've grown so much with what I'v learned from your classes and also credit to my partner (Cherry) supporting me through difficult times. So I want to say thank you and that your course was truly amazing.