What They Are Saying!

I am completely satisfied with Patricia’s coaching program. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found such a patient, knowledgeable and understanding person such as Ms. Lavigne to help guide me through a difficult, scary time in my life.

Her services are incredibly helpful in my journey and I will definitely recommend such to anyone I know who needs them.

I truly value your comprehensive coaching strategy and friendship.

Joe –

When my husband left, and I was faced with living alone for the first time in 30 years, I was at a loss as to what to do. So I ranted with friends and neighbors who didn’t want to take sides or get involved. I got angry and said things to my husband and my kids that I shouldn’t have. And I unsuccessfully tried to soothe my sorrows in food and drink.

Then I hired Patricia as my divorce coach. And, although I still do some things I regret, I do far less of them. And I better understand why I do them. She has saved me a lot of money that I would have spent on psychotherapy and lawyers! She is an excellent listener and meets me where I am at. She asks questions that enable me to think through what is going on and access my options. At times, she has encouraged me to slow down and process, while other times, when she sees that I am physically and psychologically ready to move on, she helps me do so.

Through her examples and gentle suggestions, I have learned the importance of self-acceptance and self-care. She has helped me analyze my communications to my husband and my kids and adjust so that all of us move forward. Although I still react emotionally at times, as a result of processing with her what went wrong, or planning for a future communication, I am better able to respond in accordance with my values and in a way that role models appropriate behavior to my kids.

I am still scared about what lies ahead. However, as a result of working with Patricia, I feel comfortable that no matter what happens, all of us will come through it ok, and will be able to gather together as a family. Most importantly, I will be happy as a single person, and have few regrets regarding the decisions I made and how I conducted myself during the transition.


Patricia is one of those people you can’t forget. I met Patricia at a meetup group. She had been the host of her own meetup group for several years.
I have taken a workshop with Patricia. It was about personal growth. She was extremely informative and was genuinely concerned that we have the best experience. She has a wonderful sense of humour and takes pride in her work.
I have become friends with Patricia. She is kind, compassionate and trustworthy. She is a sensitive soul who always has your best intentions at heart.
I have experienced many positive moments with Patricia. One that stands out is when I was asking her about a relationship I was contemplating entering with a man. I mentioned in passing what I was experiencing and she took the time to listen and offer words of wisdom. I felt like I should have paid her for her suggestion as it was extremely valuable advice.
I would not hesitate to use Patricia as a life coach. Her advice on relationships is priceless. She has obviously studied a great deal as she offers sound advice. She is dedicated and takes a sincere interest in one’s personal well being. I am in the teaching profession and will definitely share Patricia’s name with my colleagues.
Your life will definitely be transformed if you use Patricia as a life coach.

I first met Patricia when I joined her Meetup. Her smile, when she welcomed me into the group, made it possible for me to return the following week. She made me feel welcomed to the group.

When attending events, they were fun, educational, and productive. Let me say Patricia has the gift as a good facilitator and organizer. As a friend Patricia has given me helpful advice, encouragement, and support in my personal life as well as my business. Patricia is a friend who always makes you feel welcome. To me, every moment with Patricia gives happy memories as she is always encouraging me with an amazing smile. My life has been impacted by the advice she has given me over the years.


I met Patricia many years ago and became close friends ever since. She has the strong ability to connect with others, listen attentively and always willing to help in any way she can.  Patricia gives wholesome advice, without any judgement. She is a compassionate person, a supportive friend and a trusted confident. I highly recommend her services.


Sometimes a major change in life comes along… that we really didn’t expect. This was the case for me. In this regard it triggered issues that I thought I dealt with long ago, but now they rose to the surface creating a constant… uneasy feeling.  

Patricia helped me unpack these feelings, holding space to acknowledge them ….but also providing the impetus to move forward. She has a number of courses and programs that can help you plan a new course with your life.

You know, …you can be an intuitive and caring person …but still be unable to see the steps that you are taking…. which are leading you down the same… predictable …path.

Knowing I had someone in my court who was there to listen and acknowledge me… was important. So was finding someone who can help guide me back to a place where I can reclaim my sense of   equanimity and  calm. Patricia is someone… who can help you create a renewed ..sense …of purpose with your life.

You know, I think helping people is a gift you give to others. You need to be clear in your intentions and confident in yourself. You need to be genuine and have innate kindness and empathy for others. But you also need to be firm on what works and …what doesn’t… in guiding those you help.

You need someone who can listen without judgement and understand their key role in your life… is… to help you get past these roadblocks. Roadblocks which we sometimes unknowingly set up for ourselves.

Patricia will offer up fresh insights.

You can challenge her perceptions with no hint of her ego getting in the way.

She will help you realize there is so much more potential to who you are ….than what you can see now and she will help you realize what it is possible for you to do and achieve with your life.

I’m sure we all agree There is not a lot of constants in the world we live in today. Things change rapidly. People disappoint. Life moves in directions we didn’t expect to take.

Grappling with all this can be overwhelming. Having  a coach on the sidelines who is able to discern the problems behind your issues and is someone who can help motivate you towards the changes you need  to take…is invaluable in my opinion. 


I first met Patricia Lavigne at one of her group sessions. I was recently divorced and was needy, both emotionally and socially. Patricia is one of those rare individuals who possesses the right balance of –friendly, sensitive, good head on her shoulders, and has an innate sense of direction. She was quickly able to incorporate me, with all my needs into the social setting of her group, where I today, still feel extremely comfortable and welcome. Patricia’s meetup group event choices were always inviting, stimulating and fun filled. Patricia hosted and instructed divorced and widowed individuals in her frequent social learning sessions where we left with informative skills and many new friends. Patricia’s other meetup events always provided her members with numerous challenging ways to interact with each other–volleyball, bowling, picnics, karaoke, social dancing, book club, just to name a few, kudos to you Patricia and many many thanks


Thank-you Patricia for a very informative, fun, relaxing and being our coach to help us make changes in our personal growth. Your goal to have these workshops will not only result in a personal rewarding satisfaction on your behalf but as well you will lead a path to help us find ourselves so that we may have good health, happiness and peace. Love Toni

My experience with Patricia has been invaluable! As a seasoned coach, she has provided me with the right emotional tools and advice that has helped me gain awareness and understand my problem that no other coach was able to do for me! I am very grateful for having learned from you.

Thank you!

Anonymous Client